Asbestos Roof Sheeting Lichen


Crommelin South Africa

Crommelin SA supplies a world-class range of products for Asbestos Encapsulation, Waterproofing and Sealing.

We train our partners on how apply the Crommelin products and basic health and safety, certifying their ability to apply our products and thus issuing them with a certificate of competency

Crommelin products come with valuable warranties that must be matched with certification in order to be valid. In this way we can guarantee our products and set a standard that is the envy of the industry.

We consult to engineers,  architects and property owners on the most cost effective ways to maintain their properties with a hands on approach.



The Benefits of Crommelin Encapsulation

While asbestos removal may seem like the obvious choice for dealing with asbestos, it’s often complicated, expensive and can result in extensive downtime. 

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Asbestos Roof Sealing in South Africa

Hundreds of thousands of buildimgs, warehouses, factories, apartment and office buildings are constructed using asbestos roof sheeting and other asbestos based or containing products. Many of these asbestos products are weathered, have become damaged and the risk of airborne asbestos fibre is increasing all the time.

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